There is much love that goes into every piece that I personally create. I strive to stand by what lead me on this journey: “Quality products at great prices.”

This is JR Couture.

Back in 2008, I spent countless hours looking at pages upon pages of Halloween costumes online. I was unhappy with the lack of quality costumes with such a high price tag. I thought to myself ‘I could make these for a fraction of the price; I’m crafty, creative and have a background in fashion.’ Lightbulb!! This is when I began making my own Halloween costumes. It was the creation of my Peacock costume that lead me to tutus. That black tutu was my first ever tutu (I never got the dance experience as a little girl) and it was love at first sight! It was that tutu that lead to orders from my friends, who then told others, which brought me to where I am today.